I am at the DB (distributor) point swallowing another ‘Thums Up’. It is extremely popular here. I thank Coke and Pepsi for the 200ml bottles… would have been dead with an overdose of these pesticide filled drinks otherwise.

DB: Do you have any experience on the field?

Me: Sure… was in sales for 6 months before I shifted to corporate office.. am back here now

DB: Nice… women are progressing now

(I am about to get offended but then realize he means it in a good way)

Me: Well… HLL’s first female ASM was also handling Gujarat… the current ASM of Reckitt Benckiser for North Gujarat is a female

DB: Oh (very impressed)

The other 3 men around me chimed in…

1st Man: Our company also has female MRs (Medical Representatives)

2nd Man: My company too

Last month BF had remarked; “There should be more women in sales… men wouldn’t be so rough then… there will be less abuses flying around”

Gujarat and Punjab are the only states (apart from Metro cities) where women can work in sales. None of the other states are safe.