• Must have a love for beverages… tea, coffee, cold drink. All the distributors will force these beverages into your mouth… despite your protest. You might as well learn to like it.
  • Must be a good story teller. You should have a story ready when your organization screws up. It should be as imaginative as possible. If the distributor does not receive a particular stock, you can blame it on the snowfall in Kashmir. The supplier can be based there.
  • Know the local language… if you don’t, your salesman will play pranks on you along with retailers and you won’t even realize it
  • Crack dumb jokes. Sales people have the most pathetic sense of humor… the jokes are not funny but everyone laughs anyway. Dumb jokes are a good ice breaker
  • Play games. Being straight forward does not work.
  • Talk a lot… even if it is utter nonsense.
  • Be good with numbers when dealing with your juniors
  • Never quote a number when dealing with your superiors

Btw… I don’t have any of the above skills/characteristics