I was in Bhuj yesterday. It is a very small town. I have heard so much about it and was surprised to see how backward it is.

One of our distributors’ salesman is Atul. The previous ASM- Hemant and the DSE could not stop praising this man. In a sector where attrition is extremely high at all levels- from top management to salesmen, a loyal and happy person is an anomaly. Atul has been with the organization for 10 yrs even though the distributors barely pay him or even give him a bonus.

Atul is in his late-50s. During the earthquake, his son and wife were rescued from the debris after many hours. It was a traumatic experience for him… he lost his house. Our then- Branch Manager had gone to Bhuj to specially meet him, the then Sales Head had written him a letter consoling him for the loss and sent Rs 15,000. Since that day, Atul belongs to the organization. Its blood runs in his veins. It is next to impossible to find such a man. He works as a salesman during the day… in a courier company at night… and has earned enough to put his son through an engineering college.

I had tears in my eyes when I heard his story.

Everyone in Bhuj has a story to tell… the story of a new beginning among the ruins.

Anyway, I have been working for 12-14 hrs straight these days… (not including the travelling). From Rajkot to Jamnagar… back to Rajkot… to Bhuj… back to Rajkot. Life is hectic and fun. Everyone is uncomfortable with a female ASM… but they don’t have an option.

Good night… need the beauty sleep.

In A’bad tonight… Yippie!!!