Curious about the hype surrounding this one, BF and I headed for it. 5 mins into the movie, Abhishek dances to a pathetic song when he spots a cat. The beginning is Harry Potter style where Abhishek has a step mom and step brother who ill-treat him. There is a magician-cum-asoor (monster) who is looking for Abhishek. When he comes across him by accident… a chase follows. Abhishek finds himself running for his life… and Priyanka Chopra saves him in a designer dress and yellow car. The dress is very antique and car modern. They seem completely mis-matched. To show off her fancy designer dress, she breaks into a song and dance. Again, goondas come looking for Abhishek. There are more cliched, antique dialogues.

I don’t know what happens next… I left the theatre… couldn’t go through the torture.

What was the director thinking? Aamir is pre-Independence era playing cricket is believable, Hrithik as a super-hero is believable, Shah rukh as Ashoka is believable.. but Drona is bull-shit (no pun intended).