I am in Mumbai branch office today looking at lots and lots and lots of data. Even though my colleagues (those who joined with me) have been in this profile for 8 months now, for me it is completely new and overwhelming. I will be handling a territory as an Area Sales Manager. Being in FMCG sector means travelling 3 weeks in a month with one week in the office (Mumbai)…. once every fortnight. It is interesting work if you have a flair for sales and like to travel. Of course, for a lot of people it gets mundane and boring after 6 months… once the learning is over. For others, it is about the money.

There are bomb blasts happening all over the country. You never know which city or town is going to be the next target. Gurgaon is a place which will be targeted in a few yrs time once Metro comes in. Until then it is safe… or so I thought… until the blast at Mehrauli on Sat. Mehrauli is located between Gurgaon and South Delhi… just 20 mins away. I cancelled my plan of watching ‘Wednesay’ with Tanuj and decided to stay indoors. The malls are a perfect target.

In Mumbai I am reluctant to travel by local trains. I take the auto to office even if it costs a bomb and increases commuting time. Some of the people who have been in Mumbai for quite sometime now have stopped traveling by trains… these were the same people who advocated train travel.

I love Mumbai… the dirt, pollution, crowds… it is a welcome change after Gurgaon. I had Pav Bhaji, Bhel and sev Puri yesterday… Yummy!!! I love street junk food.

The company guesthouse is located on the 17th floor and the view is just fabulous. Life is better now…

Mumbai is not the same without Bf… there was nobody to recieve me at the airport and help with the luggage (23 kgs excess baggage). This is the 1st time I am staying in Mumbai when he is not around.

The other day I met a friend who got engaged recently. It was quite ironical… I met him through my parents as a prospective matrimonial match. Things didn’t work out ‘coz he wanted an assurance I would shift with him to Saurashtra whenever he decided to start a business. I refused. By then we had become friends and kept in touch. Finally, the traumatic search for a match ended 2 months back. I am happy for him but couldn’t resist asking; “Did she agree to your demands?”

Him: No… I realized they are hefty and no female will agree to them. Anyway, the future is no uncertain

Me: Ok.. Isn’t it weird that you decided to give up on the demands and now I am shifting to Saurashtra?

Him: Yes.. it is

The irony of life… but then again, BF wouldn’t have happened.. right? It was all meant to be.

His celphone’s wallpaper is his finacee’s pic. He wanted to see Bf’s pic. Now, as a homely, reasonable Gf… I am supposed to carry around my Bf’s pic incase I get lonely and all. But I just have ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ as my wallpaper and no Bf pics on phone.

I discussed this with Bf… even he had a similar experience when his friend wanted to see my pic… and he didn’t have any on his phone. His friend chided him for not carrying my pic in his wallet.

I am starving now.