I have become addicted to this series… this is how it all began.

Rajesh and Rahul would recite lines from the series and laugh like it was a personal joke. “Have you met Ted?”… “Legen… dary”…  etc etc. Tired and feeling left out, I asked them to include me. They gave me 2.5 seasons.

‘How I met your Mother’ begins with Ted narrating to his kids how he actually met their mother. There is one catch… he starts from the beginning even before he met their mother. By the end of 2.5 seasons, there is no hint of who the mother is. I called Rajesh and demanded for the rest of the seasons but he said the 4th season has just begun in UK… I have to wait.

There are certain episodes which may have been taken from ‘Friends’ but overall it is a watchable comedy series.