I have taken 2 days off to pack. The packing can be done in 1 day but I want to take my time. Also I have wanted to sit at home in the middle of the day doing nothing. Feels good.

I miss home. Its weird… few months back if someone asked me; “Which is your preferred location?” I said; “West”. Now I say “West… South… North”. When you don’t have a home… you don’t have a preferred location.

This week I have been handing over the work done in last 8 months to the next guy. I didn’t know where to begin… how do I tell him the process of launching a new pack in the market? The initial idea generation? The actual launch? I mean… when a profile does not even have a job description how do you hand it over to the next person? Thankfully, the next person is a chill guy who is happy to be in the Corporate office where he can hone his PR skills. The work hardly matters… he will be more than happy to while away idle hours.

When I was in college and then B-School, any work done received due credit and was rememebered that way. So, if I edited a magazine… my name would always be on it as the editor… Even when I have kids and grand-kids I can show it to them proudly. But that is not the case in the Corporate world.

To cite an example, Anand was working on a special project which would earn the company lots of money without spending any. He worked really really hard on it but quit before the project could begin. It was handed over to me… I initiated the project (or rather it was time to be initiated)… and got the credit for it even though I didnt deserve it. And now the next guy will get credit for it. The next person erases traces of the previous one.

In an organization where attrition is high the work culture is extremely hostile. On the surface everyone is nice and pretends to be paly paly… but as soon you are not needed (due to profile change or job change) you are forgotten. It is a defence mechanism. You can’t afford to get too close… you never know how long someone is going to last.

Anyway, my juniors (Management Trainees) wanted a party ‘coz I am leaving Gurgaon. I just wanted to go out with people I can talk to. We headed to Select Citywalk Mall at Delhi. Ramesh had picked ‘Manre’ for drinks. It is a fabulous place with silver curtains made of beads. We kept expecting some belly dancers to surprise us any moment.. didn’t happen. The drinks were good… Ramesh, Suresh and I drink while Rahul does not. Last time, he had ordered an orange juice which cost Rs 100 and it was ‘Real’ orange juice. This time he picked something exotic and girly (in his words): ‘Berry Cooler’. Ramesh is a vegeterian so we ordered the veg platter which arrived after we finished our drinks… defeats the whole purpose of starters. It had minuscule (size of a particle) Lebanese starters with some good sauces and humus (reminds me of Zohan). Initially, we thought these are only the sauces and the platter would arrive next. But when 5 mins passed and nothing happened, we devoured them hungrily.

Next stop was dinner at Geoffrey’s. It is a great place with good (and expensive) food… and decent portions.

On the way back, Ramesh, Suresh and I shared a cab (Rahul stays in Delhi). When we neared Gurgaon, Suresh had to pee and we stopped near the road. I was disgusted. I can’t stand the sight of men peeing on the road. If women can control it, why can’t men? Suresh is the sort of a guy whose real personality is evident only when he is a little high. None of us like him… he cannot be trusted. His drunk questions irritated me. The only thought on my mind was “I do not want to shake his hand… I do not want to shake his hand”. As soon as the cab stopped outside my house, I leaped out of the cab and shut the door on his face. It was rude… but I did not want to shake his hand.