Sorry… I have not been posting much… but life has been a muddle. I thought everything is going wrong with me till I heard the downfall of Lehman Bros… Merril Lynch etc. The most coveted sector with the highest paying job just fell apart. Everyone is affected in one way or another… My jiju is a hot shot at Lehman Bros in NYC… another junior had just started his career in Lehman… My heart goes out to them.

Everyone in fin is insecure about their job… the worse has just begun.

As for my life… I am leaving Gurgaon… for good. I have gotten into a comfort zone… I don’t like this place and yet the thought of leaving it and beginning all over again is scary. A good enough reason for me to pack my bags and leave.

Like I was telling BF:

Me: I am scared

Him: Of?

Me: Of leaving… I have not heard great reviews about the territory I am going to handle in Gujarat

Him: Whats wrong with it? Is it going to kill you?

Me: No. Apparently, there is a lot traveling involved

Him: Thats all? I thought thats what you wanted. Now you have the opportunity… go ahead and prove women can work in sales

I don’t know if I want to prove anything or not… I will do it for the money. It is a waiting period till I find another job.

Wish me luck!!!