The Sardars out here have been raving about this flick. I had heard of instances where they had danced in the theatres… sounded like the Rajnikant mania in South…

I picked up the DVD today… didn’t even last an hour before I wanted to scream out in frustration.

The movie is crap… absolute crap.

India is defined by its castes… religions… a movie with Sardars in it is an instant hit in the North… It makes no sense… Maybe I don’t understand it ‘coz I have never felt any kinship towards Sindhis (I am a Sindhi). Even while my Mallu friends would hug other Mallus the first time they met like long lost siblings; I would give a polite smile to other Sindhis… an indication that just ‘coz you are a Sindhi does not mean we share something.