My colleague has declared this the ‘Greatest Movie to-date’. I had been looking for company to watch this one.. Finally, Bf agreed to accompany me.

It is a dark movie… Batman is pretty much useless… The Joker is fabulous.

If you ask me… I found this movie crap. The problem with Super-Hero movies is that anything goes. I mean The Joker can beat up Batman… hurt the cops, the other goons… kill the heroine… scar the side hero… without any accomplices. Crap!!!

Like Bf said… Batman is the only Super-Hero who gets beaten up by mortal goondas like Joker.

I didn’t like this one… not at all.

I can digest Spider-Man crawling the walls… him crying… but Batman is not tolerable (and this despite having grown up watching the Batman series on TV).

This movie totally belongs to ‘Joker’.