This is an out-and-out art movie. People don’t like this genre of movies should avoid it totally. Well directed, with amazing actors… this is worth a watch and deserves the ovation it received at the Toronto Film Festival.

Amitabh is simply superb… so is Preity… and Arjun Rampal finally exhibits immense talent… Shefali Shah and Divya Dutta are equally good.

This movie is about an aging actor and an ambitious director. Harry (Amitabh) is living with Shefali (don’t know if they are married)… Harry is a retired, aging and senile t heatre actor. He is a Shakespeare fan. Arjun Rampal convinces him to star in his movie… in which Preity is the heroine. Harry plays the role of a circus clown whose art is dying due to the advent of cinemas. He burns down a theatre to avenge himself and runs off a hill station where he meets Preity. Preity is there with her hubby to try her and save their marriage. She meets Harry and they become friends. In the end, the circus clown jumps off a cliff and dies. For this scene, Harry refuses to use a stunt master. He wants to enact the scene on his own. ‘Coz of Arjun’s ambition and selfishness, Harry hurts himself and becomes paralyzed.

Do watch it.

PS: Bomb blasts in Delhi… it was expected after the previous blasts all over the country. I wonder why they were not prevented by the cops?

Everyone who have been messaging and inquiring about my safety… thanks!!!