Bored and desperate for a movie; Rajesh, Rakesh (Management Trainees) and I decided to go out. Picking the movie took us hours. Outside the theatre Rajesh and I wanted to watch ‘Dark Knight’ (crucify me… I have not yet watched it *hangs head in shame*). Rakesh had already seen it. We zoomed on ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’.

It is supposed to be an adventure movie but is actually a comedy. I mean… it is not intended as a comedy movie but ends up being a comedy. There are scenes where the 3 (hero, heroine, kebab-mein-hadi-kid) leave their back-pack near the pool. Next scene they are running into the cave with the back-packs. When did they pick them up?? There are many more scenes like that.

Thankfully, the movie only lasts 90 mins. Watch it with 3D effect… it will make it more bearable.

After movie, we headed to McDonald’s for a bite. It was only 9 pm and nobody wanted to return home… so we went to ‘Buzz’ in DT Mall. We could not get an entry into the pub… maybe ‘coz I was carrying a take-away from McD which looked totally uncool or maybe we were giggling too much and were dressed in casuals.

To prevent such treatment in ‘Mojo’, the guys made me hide the take-away in the bag. (Nobody cares about my dinner). Finally… we ended up drinking in ‘The Fox’ which has live music and lamps on every table. Each of us narrated our fav drinking story.

I will narrate mine some other time… but here are their stories:

Rajesh: The day I broke up with my gf.. my best friend took me drinking and swimming at night with his gf

Me: Then???

Rajesh: Thats all

Me: Extremely disappointing… Either you are not telling the good part or thats a bad story

Rakesh: There have been so many times that I don’t remember what I did at night after drinking. Has it happened to either of you?

Me and rajesh: Nope… never

All in all… had an extremely entertaining time…

And I am a little buzzed…