• People who walk slowly… c’mon, I don’t have all the time in the world to saunter down the street like that. Someone once nicknamed me ‘Lady with a mission’ ‘coz I am always rushing
  • Leaking taps.. I hate it when people don’t close the tap properly… the drip, drip of water drives me crazy
  • Ringing celphones in the theatre. I always, always, always keep my cel on silent in the movies. How hard is it to remember that???
  • Homo-phobics. In my B-School 1st year assignment for one course, we had to write a paper on any topic. We had been given some topics to pick from in case we couldn’t think of anything. I wanted to write about how men are oppressed as apposed to women’s oppression. Like all assignments, one night before submission I had not even started on the research. “Chuck it”; I thought and started writing about a topic I have strong views about… ‘Homosexuality’. A lot of batch-mates saw the topic of the paper and were scandalized. One guy commented; “I hate homosexuals”. That was the first time I came across a homo-phobic
  • When the electricity goes off while I am watching ‘Sex and the City’
  • When people call me while I am surfing the net… I generally use my phone to access the net
  • When superiors at work crack bad jokes and I have to pretend to enjoy them
  • People who forget etiquette/manners while driving… all driving lessons should include one on ‘Driving Etiquette’
  • People who “try” to surprise me… I am too curious to want to be surprised
  • People who say “You have changed”. Duh!!! Obviously, I have
  • Consultants who sound shocked when they hear my package after 15 months of work experience
  • My laptop ‘coz it is so fucking slow
  • Distance… from the one I want to be near all the time
  • My hair… I can never, ever manage them… short or long
  • Mondays… the drudgery of work looms ahead and there is no respite for 5 days
  • Gurgaon… what an unreal place
  • Dumb bosses… they have a retarding effect

Enough cribbing for one night!!!