I am a member on the website valuedopinions.com. It is a provider of market research service. This is how it works… become a member there. As and when surveys are available, you are notified. You have to fill in the survey. In return, you get free vouchers for PVR/Sodexho. Each survey is worth between Rs50-100.

I am a member not ‘coz of the money… but ‘coz I love participating in surveys. I know how important these surveys are to any organization.

In my B-School, we have a market research fair every year. Organizations offer market research projects to the B-School… teams are formed and headed by leaders (selected through a process by the faculty). Our team project was on car tyres. I was zapped… I was expecting something more fun like perfumes or clothes or condoms or watches… Anyway, I started reading on tyres and learned everything I could. We had to get these really long questionnares filled… Anju and I would wander in the residential areas and knock on doors of houses with cars.

Some memorable incidents are below:

  • Anju and I came across a huge house with a huger gate. There was a dog inside who was barking at us. Scared but dutiful, we started screaming for the owner of the house. The owner was wearing a “mund” (lungi type garment worn in the South). We explained to him about the survey on tyres. He refused to open the door and let us in. So, we had to stand outside, scream the questions over the barking (of the dog not the owner), try to hear his answers and write them down.
  • Archu and I set off for the survey the next day. We opened the gate of the yard and walked to the door. We rang the door bell but there was no response. Sighing, we turned to leave… but a dog was blocking our way. We had not seen him on our way in and were trapped between the door and gate. The dog looked mean and ferocious…. there was no means of escape. We screamed…. and screamed… finally, a neighbor saved our lives. (Btw… next time we passed the house, a cute doc-in-the-making invited us in. On the pretext of the survey, I also got his phone no… but never called. I am such a chicken!!!)
  • Anju and I knocked on another house. The residents let us into their huge house. The owner and his wife offered us tea and started questioning us about the survey… and our knowledge of tyres. It was very discomforting to be on the other end but we had done our homework. Once he was satisfied with our answers, he filled the questionnaire.