The day began as usual… Nilu wished me good luck… today was supposed to be D-Day. The boss and his boss were going to decide my future. Guess what… Boss didn’t turn up. Yet again, he has made me feel unimportant.

Nilu rushed to me at around 11 pm; “Gauri’s father passed away”. Gauri is a colleague who has recently joined. Nilu knows her since school. We were both shocked. Gauri had returned from home on Monday and looked extremely happy. I didn’t know what to say. The HR Head came to Nilu and asked; “When is the funeral? If it is today, one of the managers is in Gauri’s home town. He can represent the company for the funeral”

I was shocked. “Representation”???? Who the fuck needs representation? Grief is a private emotion. It can only be shared with people you are close to. I have never heard of people attending funerals for “representation” or formality sakes (until now). What is this world coming to?

Post lunch, Shruti distributed prizes to the winners of an English quiz held day before yesterday on ‘World Literacy Day’. The first prize went to Raj and Shashank. Each was given a very expensive shaving kit (Marks and Spencers). The second prize went to Mark and Naina. Each was given a bath kit from Marks and Spencers. It was a white pouch with red roses on it and contained a shower gel, pink loofah, moisturiser and a compact mirror… all in pink. Mark was the butt of our jokes the entire evening. I am sure he left office feeling very feminine. No wonder HR is filled with women.

After reading Compulsive Confessor’s blog for hrs, I decided to call it a day.