Carrie and Mr Big break up (remember the Mother’s episode?… if not check here).

How to get over a break-up? I don’t know… honestly, I don’t.

I fear break-ups. If you dump the other person… you have to live the guilt. Your ex’s friends think you are the most horrible, insensitive person on this planet. ‘Tis not the best feeling in the world.

But if you have been dumped… it is the worst feeling in the world. Your ex might as well have taken a knife and plunged it into your heart. It leaves you feeling vulnerable, lonely, dejected, rejected. You cry and cry and cry. Nothing helps… not talking to friends… not dating other men/women… not keeping busy with work… Every minute… every second… you are thinking about him/her… where did it go wrong?

There are moments where you try to accept the pain and get over it… there are other moments when you want to go back to your ex and beg him to take you back. Life is a see-saw and there is no predicting whether you will feel high or low.

If you have been with someone for a year… it will take you 6 months to get over him/her. So, give it time… I will not say; “Don’t call him” or “Don’t abuse him”… if it makes you feel better… do it. It is part of the healing process.

I would only advise you not to get into another relationship till you are stable and confident enough to handle it. Finding another person to get over the previous one is a bad idea and never works.

The worst effect of a break-up is the dent in your confidence and trust. You think twice before trusting anyone.

Thank god I am 25… and not 20.