So after weeks of dithering, Ankit and I finally met up. Ankit is a junior from my B-School. I don’t remember the first conversation I had with him… somehow he had landed up on my gtalk and we started chatting. He asked me out for coffee and I turned him down… I didn’t want to go out with someone I had barely spoken to (chat does not count). I didn’t want him to think I go out with every Tom, Dick and Harry (people thought that anyway).

We ended up working together on a magazine. I was the co-editor and he was part of the junior team. It was fun… he was friendly, flirtatious… and we really hit it off on the dance floor at all the B-School parties. After placements, we went out twice… and kept in touch after I left.

He loves to sing and play the guitar. At every event, he would be with his guitar singing everyone’s favorite songs. There was an official event which the faculty, Director, some prominent guests attended. The music committee (Ankit was a part of it) had to play good songs… but something went wrong that day. The songs picked were inappropriate for the occassion… the mike was not placed properly so we could not hear the girls’ voices… the guys sounded out of tune… only Ankit with his guitar bravely tried to save the day.. while all of us couldn’t stop giggling at the fiasco. At the end of it, Ankit got a lashing from the Prof in charge of the event. You just have to mention this incident to pull his leg.

At the magazine, he was given the responsibility of preparing a collage… this smart guy had his photos splashed in the collage…. him at Durga Puja celebrations, him with a guitar, him painting. How narcisssist can one get!!!

Anyway… so his friend had organized a meet of the juniors in and around Delhi and he invited me. I was dead tired from the Jazz classes but desperately needed some conversation. So I went.

All of them had just joined jobs and are quite enthu (I used to be like that). To cite an example, Ankit works in a Telecom company and would point out everytime he came across a banner or an ad. Ridiculous!!!

Ankit picked up the guitar at Barista and treated us to our favorite songs and we sang along. It was good fun… I remembered all the campfires with the singing and chatting and just looking at the stars and wondering “Whats in store for me?”

When the conversation started floundering… Sneha brought up marriage. She wanted to know who was getting married when.

Ankit: You go first

Sneha: Ok. I will get married after 3 yrs

Us: 3 yrs??? Thats a long time

Sneha: Well… the astrologer has said that I should not get married before I am 28… I need approx 6 months to find a guy… another 1 year to go around with him… and 1.5 years is a buffer incase things don’t work out and I have to find another guy.

Now thats what I call a plan.

I miss meeting new people… making new friends… listening to new stories… sigh!!!