It is a boring Sat afternoon… I received a message at 7 am from Bf which woke me up. (Any activity on my phone wakes me up… there was a time when I would leave my laptop connected to the net all night… people could contact me on messenger at any time)

Usually… the Bai wakes me at 7 am… today she turned up at 10 am (I asked her to come late on weekends)… when I finally got out of bed it was 11 am… I prefer to tuck myself in bed while the Bai cleans so I don’t get into her way (a cool excuse to sleep a little longer)…

It is 2.30 pm and I am yet to take a bath. For me… a bath is required only when you have to venture outdoors. So no bath on days when you stay in is perfectly acceptable to me.

There no plans for today… my only friend in Gurgaon does not like going out and I cannot park myself in his house every weekend… the idea of calling people and planning a meet-up at Delhi doesn’t excite me. I will have to take a bath, dress well, book a cab, go to Delhi… and return before its too late.

My boss has been blatantly lying about a conversation we had sometime back. He has also lied about it to the Sales Head. And that lie could adversely affect my career path in the company. What a mess!!!

Yesterday this product manager (his designation should actually be Brand Manager) and I were chatting about bosses. He joined from an advertising company… he earns half of what I do… is treated like shit by his boss…

Me: The kind of work that you do… you will get a better job with more than double pay anywhere else. Why are you still here?

Him: I am here to learn… I do receive offers but nothing has interested me yet

Me: But… Gurgaon is freaking expensive…

Him: Yeah… but I will quit the day I have learned everything

Me: Weird

There are more important things in life than knowledge… like money, respect… and basically a life.