Everyone is looking for a job… colleagues, friends, enemies, acquaintainces… the job is not what it used to be last year… and it is not even what it was few months back. Attrition has reared its head which is good news. The churning has begun.

The first of job is exciting… fun… new experiences… I look the current Management Trainees and envy them. They look so happy. Life has just begun for them. Last year, my seniors envied me.

After putting my CV on the major job sites… contacting a list of consultants.. forwarding my CV to friends… I am unashamedly adding people in my target companies to my contact list on Linkedin.

How does Linkedin work anyway?

Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone looking for a job.

Best of luck.

The other day I met a colleague who is joining a hot shot FMCG company next week. He looked free… seriously… he looked so happy. I remarked; “You look like you have been set free from a prison”

I want to look like a prisoner set free!!!