I love technology… I have been following the launch of IPhone for months now… wondering if it the next BIG THING in mobile phones. My most expensive phone has been Nokia N73 which cost 17k and I treasure it.

The IPhone has been way out of my league…

This recent conversation with my friend changed my mind:

Him: Hey… I just got a new phone

Me: Why? Your Nokia N 73 was quite good

Him: I got an IPhone

Me: Wow!!! Thats so cool… How much did it cost?

Him: My cousin gifted it to me… so I don’t know

(Wish I had such rich and generous cousins)

Me: How is the phone?

Him: Excellent… bas bluetooth is not too great… I can only transfer stuff from one IPhone to another one

Me: You are kidding me!!!

(I use bluetooth occasionally but it is a very important and convenient feature)

Me: Anyway.. just send me a business card with X’ contact

Him: Umm… I cant

(I know he is technologically challenged… but I was surprised)

Me: Why not?

Him: IPhone does not have that facility

So… IPhone maybe great with the internet… but as a phone it is quite useless… and the price is exorbitant.