While watching the reviews I thought “That robot is so ugly. How can they make a movie on it?” But looks deceive. A blog on which the writer said that “Wall E has the cutest eyes” was reason enough for me to watch this one. Actually, BF wanted to watch this one (Surprise!!! Surprise!!!)

It is a damn cute movie… about love. Yeah… love between robots. The setting is 700 yrs into the future… human beings have abandoned Earth since the trash has made it unhabitable. The space ship ‘Axiom’ is their new home… Eva, the herione, comes to Earth in search for plants. If she is successful in finding one, human beings will return to Earth. Instead she meets Wall E who falls madly in love with her… he gifts her a plant.

Watch the rest… I await the day when Indian animated movies will be this good. This is what I call creativity.

Will we match it someday?

I hope so.