I was excited about this one… our very own ‘Almost Famous’ (but nothing like it)… first Bollywood movie on Rock

The movie is good… songs are quite good (if you don’t focus on the lyrics). The story is predictable.. there are parts which drag and seem disconnected…. but overall it is watchable.

My fav character is Kedar… I loved it when he tells his friends… “You have your personal problems… Joe has his problems… don’t we have ours? The 2 of us suffer ‘coz of your egos. I want to play tonight… I am going to play tonight even if I have to do it alone”

We always ignore the happy-go-lucky person. He seems so happy and contented that everyone forgets he has a life too.

My biggest fear is ending up like Aditya… he turns hollow, unhappy, dispassionate. No amount of money can replace happiness.  I realized if I am not careful… if I don’t start looking for happiness in little things… I will end up like him.

We all need as goal… a passion in life. That is what drive us… the challenge… testing the limits… pushing us beyond the horizon. In school or college… there was always something I pursued… grades, committee membership, forums, editor-ship. These things kept me alive… it was my special place…

Right now… I am struggling to find that purpose. Work does not provide any challenges…