My pick for the title of this post was ‘Cockroach graveyard’ but BF came up with ‘Cockroach Curry’.

(Yeah… thats why I am with him… he is more gross than me).

Yesterday I saw ants working hard in my room which understandably freaked me out. Ants??? Where were they coming from? Ants are a nuisance. The mattress was rolled and swept the ants away. I would survive the night.

I moved to the living room… a movement distracted me from the TV. “Eeks!!! A rat”. I chased him away… into my room… more chasing around in the room… finally he sneaked out of the window into the darkness.

Today I entered the kitchen determined to banish all the cockroaches. They had been ignored enough… now it was WAR. I emptied all the cupboards and generously sprayed Baygon. Cockroaches rushed out from their homes… creating a mayhem. 5 seconds later atleast 50-60 of them lay dead.

Me: My kitchen is a graveyard of cockroaches

BF: Good… Now you can eat cockroach curry

No matter how much I try… I will never understand the relationship between men and stupid jokes.