— Spoken by Samantha in ‘Sex and the City’

On the surface, the episode is about women who are with men for an ulterior motive… most commonly for money. And the men are with the women for their beauty. Give and take.

Carrie is broke… her friend hooks her up with a guy, she spends the night with him and he leaves her money the next morning. She is shocked and horrified. Why had he taken her for a whore? The next night.. she meets the same friend… she tries to hook her up again.

Carrie faces a dilemma… she is really broke… needs the money… (don’t forget we are talking about American women for who sex is no big deal)… she turns away.

Look deeper, how many times in life we face a situation where temptation threatens our principles? I have faced it many times… sometimes I have given in… other times not.

Where I have given in:

When I was in 10th std… after the 1st term examination… our corrected answer sheet were being distributed. I had not fared well (not getting 75% is doing badly)… I was disappointed. In the Geography answer sheet, Mam had mistake in calculating my marks. I deserved 20 marks less. It was a big dilemma. I have always done well… I couldn’t afford to lose 1 mark (even if I didn’t deserve it). I gave in. I didn’t tell my teacher about the mistake in calculation.

Where I have not given in:

In Sept’07 I met a guy through my parents… he was funny, nice, good-looking. My parents liked him… I didnt find anything psycho about him. I wanted to get over with marriage… was tired of being alone… didn’t have the energy or inclination to fall in love. I just wanted to get settled. Everything seemed perfect. After keeping in touch through phone for a month we met up. He just wanted a guarantee that I would shift to his home town if and when he decided to start something on his own.

“What will I do in your home town? Where will I work? There are no companies there”; I asked him

He said to me; “You can teach… we could start up something together”

It was tempting and yet I felt like I was compromising something… my freedom. I turned him down.

Everytime we give in to temptation or resist it… we build lose or build character. What we do… what we decide… makes who we become.