That was the title of the episode of ‘Sex and the City’ aired tonight.

I am starting a new section on my blog… on most days (I have my moods… so everyday will not be possible) I will post my thoughts about the latest episode.

This episode can also be called ‘Singles Vs Married’. We all know things change once friends get married… there is the husband to take care of… responsibilities… kids… in-laws and what not. There is no time for friends… specially not the single ones… suddenly they seem irresponsible to be whiling away life like that. If it is arranged marriage… there is a slight envy “I could have been that free”.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with Bf a few weeks back on a Sunday.

Me: What plans for today?

Him: Playing video games with friends

Me: On a Sunday?

Him: Yeah… it is our fav weekend time pass

Since we rarely meet (twice in a month is rare)… video games are not a problem. I get undivided attention when we do meet. But I wondered

Me: When we get married… will you still play video games on weekends?

Him: Of course

My idea of a weekend is cleaning… shopping… watching movies… going out

Me: Umm… and what will I do then?

Him: You can join us

Me: You have got to be kidding… and don’t think I will be one of the dutiful wives and cook something to eat while you waste Sunday playing video games

But I seriously wondered… how do 2 people become “we” and yet remain “me”? How do you balance it? Anna and I tease Anju that she has become a “doormat” ‘coz she is never without her hubby.

A lot of girls start treating their girl friends as secondary beings once they become committed. Suddenly you become a filler in their life… someone to spend time with when the Bf is busy. I have hated such behavior. Sure, once in a blue moon it is understandable… but all the time it sucks.

My best friend and I were in different colleges… we used to meet up only when she wanted to go out with some guy. She was afraid of being spotted alone with a guy… so I had to chaperone her. I hated it. I felt used but she was my friend… I could not refuse.

Another friend would not hang out with me… ‘coz she wanted to catch up with her studies so she could hang out with her latest bf. Slowly, she lost all her girl friends.

The same thing happens with guys too but for a different reason. Guy meets girl… they hang out… female friend becomes secondary. Girl is jealous when guy and female friend hang out. Guy is forced to give up female friend. Of course… there are loads of sensible guys out there who don’t do this.

I think the funniest part about getting married is living in a neat and tidy place. My colleague Nilu got married recently. I visit her home every morning (she gives me a lift to office) and her place in messy… piles of clothes everywhere… improper ventilation… I am messy too but my room is clean on Monday atleast (I clean on Sat). 2 days back her house was spotless.

Me: What happened? Your house is clean

Her: Hubby made me clean. Child labor

I was surprised… I thought men were the messier creatures and women the nags. Maybe men have become used to their Moms and expect a certain standard of living… and women have to cater to the demand.

Married or single?

I am happy to be single but definitely look forward to being married.