There was a time when I complained… “Nothing is going on”… now there is so much happening… all the time.

Sometimes I think “This can’t worse”… guess what… it does.

  • Sex and the City:

Men consider it semi-porn. For women it is an empowering soap. I have watched all the episodes. During my B-school days… Anju, Anna, roomie and I would watch it together and cheer the women. 4 beautiful women who live life on their own terms… sometimes it brings heartbreak… sometimes the soul mate… but the search never ends.

Yippie!!! to Zee Cafe for bringing it back to my life… wish I could watch the un-edited/un-censored version.

  • Every night there is a power cut for less than 5 mins (our apartment has power back-up… you cannot survive in Gurgaon without one)… when the lights go off… the darkness envelopes me… I cannot see a thing. After a few seconds my eyes adjust to the darkness… I can make out shapes… the table, bean bag, TV, fridge etc. Things become clearer. In the darkness today I found the light… the positive. Some things are meant to be… I don’t know Destiny’s plan for me right now ‘coz I am in the middle of it. But when it is over… I will know and tell myself “It was meant to be. It happened for the best”
  • Some positive things which came out of today’s rejection:

1) I can go to Corbett Park in Oct with Bf and his friends

2) I do not have to switch sectors. I will be in FMCG atleast till December

3) I will be in Gurgaon on 13th Sept

4) I can continue with my Jazz classes

  • Some things about Corporate life I have been enlightened about:

1) Contacts are everything… An IAS dad means you never have to worry about company, profile, location, money… nothing. Like I was telling my colleague “Lets prepare for IAS… struggle it out as IAS officers… atleast our kids will never have to work”

2) Your promotion does not depend on your performance… it depends on the company’s convenience.

3) Promises are never kept… never believe what you are told… only believe it if it is written on a paper and signed

4) Don’t ask what you can do for the company… always ask what the company can do for you

5) Organizations don’t care about an individual… period.