Love alone is not enough to sustain any relationship. It is very very very easy to love. We all want to give and receive love. I don’t put a premium on love.

There are more important things than love… sometimes when love is not there… these ingredients are enough to make a relation last a lifetime. How else do arranged marriages succeed?

(I am not an expert on relationships… but I am trying to be better at them)

1) Trust: This is the most difficult word in any dictionary. If the trust is not strong enough, misunderstandings will blow your relationship away. A trust so strong… that you can stand by your partner through thick and thin… even if it means standing against your parents. But… we are all human beings who make mistakes. Don’t trust your partner against your own instinct… don’t become blind to his/her faults. Trust enough to see his/her faults clearly

2) Friendship: So many times we forget where we started… the attraction will fade away… the love maybe taken for granted… what will remain is friendship. There will be times when you have to step away and just be friends. My friends support me… from the outside. They give me an outsider’s perspective. That is necessary when 2 people get too involved. Everything does not have to be taken personally. Sometimes… just be an outsider

3) Step into his/her shoes: I would also call this “understanding”. You cannot understand the other person’s plight until you step into his/her shoes. Things will look much different then.

4) ‘It is not always about you’: I don’t know how many of you have this trait… but I have to keep reminding myself that ‘It is not always about me’… It is about “us” and not just about “me”…

Thats it for now… I am sure there are more… but even if I succeed in inculcating the above 4… meri life less complicated hogi.

I am not preaching to you… but to myself.