Tomorrow is an exciting day… I look forward to the night. Sex and the city premieres from tomorrow on Zee Cafe at 9 pm.

Flat mate and I had purchased the cheapest TV available… Korya for 5k. People laughed at us. But we maintained that there is no time to watch TV… we are net and phone addicts. Anyway, there is nothing worth watching on the tele.

With Bigg Boss 2 (I missed part 1… and regret it) I am glued to the tele at 10 pm every night. I hate missing even one episode. 14 (now 13) people locked in one house… under the cameras 24/7… a script acted out flawlessly… human behavior under the scanner… what can be more entertaining?

While channel surfing, I came across the game show ‘Moment of Truth’ on Starworld. On this show the participant (victim) is strapped to a lie detector… he/she has to answer all questions correctly to win money. To make it more interesting… your family, friends, gf/bf sit right in front of you. The questions range from “Do you love your spouse?” to “Did you ever cheat on your spouse?” to “Have you ever slept for money?”

You get the idea… if you lie you lose the game… but the trick is this… if you answer “No” to any of the questions… it is detected as a lie. The game is not about detecting the lie… but testing your self-respect. Don’t forget you are on National TV.. so your answers can be used against you in real life.

Thanks to the tele… I have something to do from 9-11 pm every night.