What if 2 people are right? They are at the opposite ends…. they both know and believe they are right… and both are not ready to compromise.

In our B-School we were taught to compromise… find a middle path… don’t rock the boat. Work is impersonal… there is not too much at stake.

As a girl I have been hearing these words constantly since I was a kid… “Compromise”… “Adjust”… “Give in”… “Sacrifice”.
At a young age it dawned on me that… I can either make myself happy or I can make those around me happy. It was not possible to keep everyone happy. I chose myself over others. I am free of guilt or regret. I have always maintained that if we all can take care of ourselves we would not need someone else to support us. Every man/woman for himself/herself.

And yet… the worse feeling in the world is when everyone is unhappy with you… ‘coz deep down you know your happiness depends on others’ feelings.

Life is unfair… there will be moments when everyone will be unhappy with you and choose that very moment/day to express it. You cannot run away… you have to answer that call and listen to everything being said… you cannot avoid gtalk… you have read every sentence being typed.

And then an acquaintance who knows nothing about you tells you he will pray for you…

Sigh… I wonder if I can feel lower than this.