For the last few days my laptop has been making strange noises at start-up. Since IT is one phone call away, I am like a mother who calls the doctor everytime her kid sounds remotely strange.

Lets call this guy Geek1. He had removed the virus from the lappie successfully earlier so I think he knows a little about computers. He checked the sound… and changed the mouse pad. The mouse pad had been giving me some trouble. Before leaving he said “There will not be a problem anymore”

Of course… he was wrong. The noises continued… especially when I tried to watch ‘Friends’. I called the IT dept again today… specifically requesting them to send Geek1… but they sent Geek2.
Geek2 knows nothing about computers… even though he is a computer engineer. He could not hear any noise and for a moment I thought he would disbelieve me and call me a lunatic. I re-started my computer and guess what… the noise was barely visible. Why!!! Why oh why!!! Computers love playing pranks on humans.
I crossed my heart and swore to him “I swear there were noises coming… ask Geek1 if you don’t believe me”

He proceeded to find the cause of the noises… by staring at the screen for 5 mins. Nothing happened.. obviously. He started looking for Microsoft updates online. I was getting restless… I wanted to read an important mail and make a few calls. Geek2 was blocking my lappie and the phone.
I prayed he would leave… he seemed to be of no help.

Me: Umm… I don’t think the lappie needs any updates. Something is wrong with the current software.. don’t think updates will repair it.
Geek2: Oh… but your lappie has not been updated in a long time. Maybe the sound driver needs to be changed
Me: Ok. This is taking too much time… I will do it on my own.

Taking the hint he left… but not before he had updated the software on the lappie.

Do you need a B.E (Computer Science) to work in the IT dept of a MNC??? I wonder!!!