After being through lows, lower lows and the lowest lows… BF and I decided on a rejuvenation trip. North or West? We picked West. The destination was Karjat… around 60-80 km from Mumbai.

The resort was Picaddily Country Club & Resort… it sounded impressive… the photos online also looked good… but the most reliable feedback was from BF’s friend who had stayed there.

Excited… we started off. Everything was hunky-dory till we neared the destination. Suddenly all the boards pointing towards the resort were gone… the contact no on the online booking was incorrect. I wondered if we had been duped… but remembered that BF’s friend had stayed there… the resort has to exist.

Somehow we reached the place. Everytime I had asked BF “But… if it is raining and all and we have not hired a cab for sight-seeing… we will not be able to venture too far from the resort. What will we do there?”

He said; “Arre… friend told me the resort is huge… there is a swimming pool, billiards, lawn tennis… loads to do”

Except swimming… the rest was not even in my consideration set.

The resort looked small and was nothing like the photos. The tennis court was drenched in the rain. The care-taker had allotted us a tent instead of a cottage style room. The travel agent had very smartly written “Cottage style room/Tent” on the online voucher. We refused to stay in a tent. The care-taker gave in and we were escorted to a “cottage room”. I have never ever stayed in such a horrible room… not even for 375 bucks during my sales training. Claustrophobia started creeping up on me.

The pool was just a hole of water… the river flowing near the resort was dirty… the food was bland… and we were stuck amongst families…

Could it get worse?

Yes… there was no room service and creatures would creep into the room if the windows were left open.

The only good time was when we played badminton to kill boredom… and when I cracked jokes on BF for the failed trip and reminded me how well the previous trip to Dehradun & Mussoorie had planned by ‘Her Highness’.

Anyways… here are a few pointers if you are planning a trip:

  • Do not believe the websites… the photos are always misleading
  • Booking online is always a risk… it is always better to check out reviews at or
  • Word-of-mouth is the safest recommendation but do ask 2-3 friends instead of relying only on one
  • Don’t rely on the resort too much… the destination also should be good
  • Luck plays a big role… if the trip is a failure… hold on to your sense of humor