I hate to fly… it is such a long process… arrive at the airport 1 hour earlier… get the baggage screened… check in… security… more checking… wait… wait.. wait… board the bus… get on the flight… more wait… take off… land… pick up luggage… take a cab to your destination.

On my flight from Mumbai to Delhi… I was glad to find all the 3 seats to myself… a rarity. I was busy reading when a shady looking guy shifted to the aisle seat (I was on the window seat) and started snoozing. I hate it when people do that. After half hour he shifted to the seat next to me. “Uh… oh”; I thought. Not a good sign. I gave him a piercing dont-mess-with-me dirty look. He said; “Do you mind if I look outside the window?”

“What a stupid question”; I thought. I gave him another I-don’t-care look. After some time his friend shifted into the aisle seat. I was not liking this. They kept whispering to themselves. Highly uncomfortable I wondered if calling the air-hostess would be a good idea. I waited. The friend moved back to his seat. The shady looking fellow started shifting around trying to locate his seat belt. His elbow touched mine. “That is it”.

“Please shift to the aisle seat”; I told him. Quietly, he obliged and that was the end of the irritating encounter.

Purpose of Post: None. I just felt like taking about this incident.