Bachna Ae Haseeno

Bachna Ae Haseeno

I took a chance with this movie. I was curious to about the newcomers- Deepika, Ranbir and Minisha.

In the first half of the movie Ranbir is a cassanova who breaks the hearts of Minisha and Bipasha. Minisha is looking nice.. she is quite pretty… but Bipasha has become fat and old. Her thunder thighs are on view in their full glory. Before interval, Ranbir falls in love with Deepika and proposes to her… but she turns him down using his line… “I do not believe in marriage”

I expected it to be a re-make of ‘John Tucker must die’ in which the 3 dumped gfs train another female to break his heart. But I was disappointed… Ranbir traces Minisha to ask for her forgiveness… her broken heart has changed her. In a matter of few days, Ranbir makes everything ok and leaves. He finds Bipasha who is a bitchy superstar now. She punishes him by making me work as her PA.

When he returns back… Deepika also has changed her mind… and everything ends happily.

Ranbir is good… so is Deepika.

Worth a watch once… even though the story line is predictable. 2nd half is not as much fun as the 1st one.