She entered the loo… closed the lid of the pot and sat on it. There was Domex… unused by the Bai since it was mild acid… not strong enough to clean the bathroom. The warning on it said “If consumed accidently, seek medical help immediately”…. She poured some into the cork… and looked at the translucent liquid. Few sips of that and all her problems would be solved. Of course… she was not thinking of the problems that would be created for room-mate, friends, family etc. All she wanted was an end… if not an end to her problems… then an end to herself.

Dare she? Dare she not?

She closed her eyes and took one sip. The liquid burned her lips… hurt her throat. Her guts failed her. She started puking… “Uh… oh…”; she thought. She hated pain. Was there an easy way to die?

She called Rajesh… he didn’t answer his phone… she called him again… he finally picked up.

“Help!!! I swallowed Domex… Help!!!”