I have been eager to check out the sale in every outlet across the city. Yesterday evening I hopped to the malls to purchase track pants. I found these grey pants at Nike for 1900 bucks which were not on sale… disappointed and hopeful I entered Reebok. My joy knew no bounds on finding similar pants on sale… 40% off. I picked them up… at the counter the salesman told me the price after discount is 1800 bucks.

“What the fuck!!!”; I thought. Does Reebok think people are stupid? Don’t we know the prices? Don’t we compare prices before purchasing? I purchased the tracks from Nike… atleast they have the guts to say “Not on sale”.

The sale at Gurgaon Central (of Future Group) says 60% off. Gurgaon Central is supposed to be a seamless mall with all the big brands under one roof… the look is classy and expensive. But Future Group can’t seem to come out of the ‘Big Bazaar’ mentality. For the sale the mall has been converted like a Bazaar with sale stuff all over. Bad… horrible merchandising… some of the stuff was damaged too.

Tread carefully with this sale.