Why do people start a blog? I don’t know.

I believe in letting things take their own route and going with the flow.

I guess this blog is about the little things in life… not the large ones. We talk about the large… and conveniently ignore the little ones. While it is the little ones that make life. The large ones define its course.

So here we go:

  • I wonder how far is far enough? I mean… how far would someone go before either breaking or turning back? We all face temptations. What makes some succumb to it and others to turn away from it? Is it will power, upbringing or is it just the way someone is made?
  • The past has to be left behind. We have 2 options: look back and suffer or look ahead and rejoice.
  • There is nothing better in life than finding someone who tells you: “I don’t care about your past. It is over. I am only concerned about your present and future”
  • I joined Jazz classes. It was a split moment decision. Thats how I make my decisions in life… without too much thought. If I ever put in too much thought… I usually change the decision. What happens is this… I have the ability to see both points of view/both sides of coin. So both decisions seem right…
  • Anyway… I had joined a gym few months back to get some activity into my life but found it boring. The idea of exercising with and among strangers didn’t appeal to me. I know I will continue with Jazz ‘coz there are girls mostly which makes me less shy…. I have not moved my body in a long time… I need this to de-stress… I love the challenge of learning new things… the first day when you know nothing… and wonder if you made the correct decisions.. and the last day when you have conquered it and wonder why you were so concerned on the first day.