I had read  amazing reviews about this movie.. specially about Imran.  Eager to  watch it… I waited patiently till Bf and I were in same city.  Bf  wouldn’t have cared either way.. but I was keen on watching it with him ONLY.

It is  a time pass movie… nothing extra-ordinary. The trick is to expect nothing…  and you will be surprised.

Another reason for its  box office performance could be the disastrous releases this year.

Imran is fine…  I wonder why everyone is calling him  “The Next Big Thing”….  the role is simple and requires little acting.  Either that  or he is so good that I didn’t realize he is acting. He is  a natural.

But my fav is Genelia. I fell in love with her in the cafeteria of Taj Coromandel (Chennai)  where  the Telugu movie ‘Boys’ was being played.  Her eyes  are so emotive.  Hope she makes it big in Bollywood.

Worth a watch once!!!